P0487 Error on 1.9DCI 2004

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P0487 Error on 1.9DCI 2004

Postby taffyhl » Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:29 am


Had this code for a while now. Car perfectly driveable but car won't pass MOT with shiny orange emission light on ;-(

Had same error 3 years ago, cleaning EGR and pipework resolved but not this time. Tried my spare sparkling clean EGR valve and still no joy. It could be both valves are faulty but seems unlikely and I've tested the valves using a spare battery. Definitely open and close although potentiometer resistance (for both) at 2.67K ohms higher than Renault spec of 1.5k ohms. Did try 2 flea bay cheap EGR but that had almost no resistance at all so sent returned.

Anyone else had this one and found a solution other than cleaning the EGR valve? Will I have to take the car to an auto electrician to check wiring?

Was gonna scrap the car before MOT (July) but seems a shame...

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Re: P0487 Error on 1.9DCI 2004

Postby Husky_Dog » Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:00 pm

Had a similar fault code displayed on my 2005 1.9 DCi Scenic around the 98,000 mile mark back in 2012. Ended up giving it to Renault to trouble-shoot.

The outcome was to install a new EGR valve. The fault has never come back again since.

The new EGR was quite expensive (£500 mark including fault find and installation) but worth it if you are to keep the car a while longer.

The message displayed on the screen was "CHECK EMISSIONS" and the orange service indicator illuminated. I could reset the warning through and OBD reader, but it would tesnd to come back within the next couple of starts.
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