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Leaky Window

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:56 pm
by marshey
I find that alot of water gets into my doors and into my speakers and electrical connections through the seals that go either side of the window.

I went renault about getting new ones and they said it comes in a whole door rubber set at £150+vat a side.

Anyone had this problem and know of a cheaper fix?

Re: Leaky Window

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:00 am
by Paddy

The 'seals' are not designed to stop water ingress. That is the same on any car.

However you need to make sure that the drains are clear to allow water to 'flow' and air to circulate within the door panel.

At the bottom of your door there are two drain holes. Which by what you say would seem to be blocked.

Take a implement, a cocktail stick works well and unplug the crud that has accumulated.

You will find that this will solve your issues.