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Heater taking a long time to get warm

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:57 pm
by JamJar123
Hi friends, I have just purchased a megane 2 2004 1.5 dci and I love it!
I have since found out that the heater seems to take ages to get warm . If I run the car for about half an hour it gets up to something like really warm but not hot? Can any one help please. Also the fan does not work on position 4 ? The car seems to steam up quite alot too , so I need to keep the aircon button in the on position and the fan on 3 all the time!
Any help would be appriciated thanks

Re: Heater taking a long time to get warm

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:29 am
by IainMW
Hi and welcome along

Well you potentialy have a number of problems here!

Firstly what mileage has the car done?

On the temperature side how far up does the temp gauge get? It should reach about half way once the engine is fully warm? Remember that Diesel engines take longer to warm up than petrol engines as they are more thermally efficient, and given the low temperatures the country is experiencing at the moment then it will take the engine much longer to warm up anyway. If you are only doing short journeys then the engine will never get fully warm?

It's worth getting the thermostat checked out for this issue?

Your fan/blower is a common-ish problem and has been mentioned several times before on the forum, I can't recall the solution though, sorry :( It might require a new fan motor or rehostat? Hopefully somebody will be along with more advice soon? Otherwise try searching the forum?

Your steaming up problem could be a water ingress problem and the heater is just vapourising the water? It might not be though? :conf Does the car smell damp?

I do tend to find that in the winter the car does steam up much more just purely because of the colder temp. Using the aircon will clear the misting quickly though. It's important to use your aircon even in the winter as it keeps the system lubricated asnd working correctly. It might be worthwhile having it checked over and re-gassed by a decent garage (not Kwik Fit!)

Food for thought!