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Postby OASIS(sh) » Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:44 am


I know this is an old subject but I have an '05 1.5dci oasis and up till very recently the buttons on the doors all worked to lock it.... but not any more the drivers went first and now all of them ex for the boot don't work.... the sensors behind the handle still work as in i can get in with it in my bag... is this likely to go next?? I loved this feature on the car.... :?

does this mean the sensors are faulty or something wrong with my key? I tried replacing the battery in my card when the drivers door stopped working? but didn't do any good... :(

any help would be appreciated :D


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Re: locks

Postby chevin » Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:33 am


Had until recently older car with Comfort pack and said keyless entry and exit. Usually some part of this system is n't working. With me it was usually one of the drivers side buttons - the one I mostly use to lock seemed to fail - as though it was worn out, and would then inextricably would start working again.

The opening operation tended to be OK. One quirk (as noted on other threads on this site) - sometimes when opening the doors from inside the central locking would initialise - as though someone was locking it from outside as the doors openned. This sometimes resulted in one side of the car not locking with the hands free - concensus seemed to suggest that this was moisture in the locks and a short in the doors.

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