Megane 11 Front suspension Coil failure

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Megane 11 Front suspension Coil failure

Postby Campbellonie » Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:10 pm

Hi all,

Just wanting a rant tbh and to gather some other megane 11 owners thoughts. wife has a 1.6 vvt 3dr megane 2 , 49K on the clock and we have owned for 10 mths.

In the past 3 months both front suspension coils have snapped and also the strut bearings needed replaced.

the first coil to snap - garage said the strut bearing was broken which caused the spring to snap
the second coil snapped fri there - other garage said the coils snap as the protective film ( black stuff) round the coil chips away and lets water in, hence the snap and not related to the strut bearing.

I have bene left with very little change out of £400 fro replacing both front springs, stur braces and gromits to hold in place. Not happy tbh!!! My questions to you all are:

1. Is the megane prone to coil spring failure?
2. If these springs had lasted 49K miles and almost 5 yrs is that a good ' innings'?
3. Does anyone actually know if a failed strut bearing would cause a spring to snap?

I guess its possible one of those things...for all i knwo the previosu ower lived on a farm and drove over bumpy roads all day...or that the coils had ran their course.

all thoughts and comments gratefully received as I really dont want to replace these things again!
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Re: Megane 11 Front suspension Coil failure

Postby AlexB » Wed Mar 03, 2010 6:18 pm

There were many reports about broken springs recently, but hardly any a couple of years ago.
(no, a different AlexB)

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Re: Megane 11 Front suspension Coil failure

Postby chevin » Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:14 pm

Have just noted nearside coil snapping on thread earlier this week. This is a Nov 03 - 5 - door petrol 64 k miles

Spring went with a lound bang on maximum compression on speed bump in works car park. The break occured just 15 cm from top of the coil - so the spring just reseated itself and was Ok to drive home. On inspection the broken piece was still lodged in undertray.

Local independant has just fixed at £ 185. Have colleague with 2003 Audi TT with repalcement of springs under warranty - seems there are more speed bumps around nowdays

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Re: Megane 11 Front suspension Coil failure

Postby ChrisM » Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:08 am

Megane CC just at 65k on the clock, on a speed hump around 10mph BANG! sound like the engine had fell out, puzzeld dlooks between me and er in doors.
Passenger side spring broke in the same place as yours around 15cm from top of coil, mine also took out the strut top bearing. still drove it home and ranted at it as you do, threts of sale as you do, removed shocker which was a real bummer of a job as the spring had expanded, again more cussing involved and took strut into work today in my wifes meg 1 coupe, which never seems to go wrong! to change spring and mount. supose will just have to wait for the other one to go now. :cry
At least I work in a garage, so the repair cost of these Meg 2's is not quite killing me yet. just a little bit to consistant in breaking!

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