Engine cutting out very briefly.

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Re: Engine cutting out very briefly.

Postby Teas84 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:35 pm

I know this an old thread but this is the only thing I could find that directly correlates with my issue. Las year I bought an 05 plate 1.5dci Megane scenic and it ended up with oil leaking from the turbo and this intermittent acceleration issue with a "check injection" light on the dash. Anyways, I took it to my garage and they couldn't see anything out of the ordinary other than a very slight miniscule amount of power loss on acceleration which he said could be anything. He checked the injectors and said they may be the issue but I'd end up spending a fortune trying to fix it as someone had been in early on in the year with the same issue but on a newer model. So I ran it into the ground as they MOT failed and he said new injectors plus a new turbo would end up being more than I paid for the car so I scrapped it..
Well.... I wanted the same car again as it is brilliant on mileage and my commute to and from work is 64 miles all round, so I found an 04 plate with a few extra features than my old one. Had it 4 months and again, oil leaking from the turbo since day one (4.2L per month may I add). Took it to Glasgow and back last week and it ran out of oil as it would, then driving back, the dreaded "misfire/power loss/judder" happens. It's on and off now since that journey. It's literally milliseconds of power loss then back to normal. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it isn't, but there's no "check injection" light coming on with this car as it happens which is strange. I did get a "check injection" light on the dash when I throttled it overtaking on the motorway but no power loss, and never seen it again since. I'm going to ask my mechanic if he can check the brake as mentioned in the above posts and see if that works. I won't give up yet after 4 months of having it. It seems to be extremely common with this particular model of car. I won't be getting another after this one.

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Re: Engine cutting out very briefly.

Postby MeganCC1986 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:32 am

The new brake light switch works wonders, I bought my Megan convertible 1.5dci 18 months ago cheaply with pending diesel injection pump problems accompanied with a report from a local garage saying due to occasional lack of power may indicate fuel pump problems, I have run it for the last 18 months with the occasional loss of power, however over the last month or so it has been coming with electronic fault as well as losing power more frequently, found the possible fix on your forum, got a brake switch from my local motor factors, fitted Saturday it is now a reformed car running perfectly.

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