Car low RPM

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Car low RPM

Postby Jparkinson744 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:38 pm

Hi guys,

New here so apologies if this has been asked a million times.

I got my 1.6 dynamique megane about 4 months ago, 59 plate 62k on the clock. Had a new dephaser pulley, water pump and cam belt within the last 3 months but lately the car has been dropping quite low on the RPM when idle. It drops down to around 500RPM and feels like its going to stall and then rises again to the normal 750 after a few second. Its worst in reverse where it normally doesnt rise much past 500.

Basically today I was approaching some red lights, stuck the car in neutral and stopped. As I came to a standstill the RPM dropped to 500 for about 6 seconds then the car cut out. I tried restarting the car about 6 times and got nothing, just the sound of it trying to tick over. I even tried accelerating but this seemed to make it cut out. Finally I got it started again then for the rest if the journey there were no problems.

Does anybody know what could be causing the issue. I'm happy to take it to a garage to be fixed, I just like to go with a bit of knowledge and a rough understanding how much I'm going to be out if pocket.

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