Windscreen Wiper Issue, not the usual one!

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Windscreen Wiper Issue, not the usual one!

Postby philjdj » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:29 pm

Hi guys!

In order to help out a friend, I purchased his 55 reg Megane so he could free up some money to help with various matters he has going on.

He mentioned to me that the wiper linakge needed "flipping over" as the wipers parked themselves in the upright position after he changed teh wiper motor, and by the looks of it the linkage too.

Today has been a complete shambles as the wipers just stopped working from the stalk and would work by themselves in intermittent mode just sweeping three times every 30 seconds or so... I wasted hours stripping the stalk down etc to find it was a buckled connection in the top of the motor, so with that straightened out everything now works fine from the stalk.

The wipers still park un the upright position, and I can see no way of altering it.

Looking at the motor from the front of the car the wiper rotates clockwise, its first sweep is down. if i were to simply place the arms 90 degrees, they would try and swipe into the engine bay.

It is clear that something is wrong, but none of us for love nor money could work out what.

Any ideas? I've searched all day for some reasoning and drawn nothing but blanks.

Cheers guys


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Re: Windscreen Wiper Issue, not the usual one!

Postby scooper1000 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:23 pm

I have had this problem on another car if i remember right i had to take the drive cog of the motor turn it 180 degrees and refit it.if you try this leave the wiper off while you check it..that way the wiper should lift rather than as you say wipe the engine bay...good luck

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