hi, cant find fusebox (dummy)

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hi, cant find fusebox (dummy)

Postby dazbex » Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:46 pm

Hi there ive had my megane 2 weeks now, its the megane dci 1.5 maxim 06 plate in silver,

i noticed that the light was out on the number plate, so i changed the bulb, but doing so i somehow shorted it out now the fuse has gone, plus my front and rear side lights on the drivers side,
ive been told that the fuse box is under bonnet, bottom right near the battery, but when i take the cover off i see a mess of wires and the fuses seem to be underneath it all, how the heck do you get to them can someone in the know give me a heads up because i have very little patience and getting rather stressed!!! please can someone give me any advice please, thanks in advance!! daz :banghead

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Re: hi, cant find fusebox (dummy)

Postby neilmathews » Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:45 pm


1) no point in getin stressed !
2) 2 fuse boxes - one passneger side - end of the dashboard beside the glovebox - pull out end blanking panel between glovebox and car body to reveal fuses - key as to which does what shown in images inside the cover.

second fusebox under bonnet. Facing the bonnet, behind the battery and to the right is a badly made (renault!) flat black plastic cover that `pulls up` and off. Underneath are the fuses. Key insdie the cover shows which does what. big fuses partially obscured under a fixed cover (renault!) to the right. Takes a few seconds to work out which of the fuse runs are which to match the key in the cover to the actual fuses. putting the badly fitting non watertight cover back isa fiddle - some wires stay to the left of the cover as it slides down, some to the right. Wires arent majic, can be safely pushed gently to the side to gain access. At worst use long nosed pliers to remove a fuse. CAREFULLY. and CHECK how the cover fits before you lift it off- otherwise some wires will foul as you push it back and it MUST go back - garuanteed water leak into fuses if you dont !
bleedin awful layout/ acces if you are asking which you arent so I wont comment ! ha ha good luck - email again if stuck

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Re: hi, cant find fusebox (dummy)

Postby dazbex » Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:16 pm

hi and thanks for the fast reply, :-)

right, i will try to explain what i have done so far...

found the fuse box, took lid off it, i could see some big fuses EG- 40 50 70 amp, (no smaller ones)i couldnt see any more due to the wires and clips in the way,

its a crap design (reno) :mad

is they more fuses underneath the wires? ive tried to remove the other plastic lid that covers half of the wires but i cant see any nuts/bolts/screws or any way of removing it,

think i read in a different post that its a 15amp fuse,

i spoke to renault today they want £88 to diagnose the problem first (rip off)

Going completely off the subject here, but i wonder if you could also help,

when i pull up at traffic lights, i get a rumble/vibrate it does not happen all the time but enough to notice it, :banghead

one last time ha ha sometimes when changing gear, say 1st to 2nd it over revs when i press the clutch then settles down it does it through all the gears, strange, my uncles astra van does the same thing, its asif something is sticking and carrying the revs on to long instead of the revs dropping when pressing the clutch!

sorry to ramble and be a pain,

the megane is 2006 dci 1.5 maxim 5 door, with 50,ooo fsh, it been looked after so i cant understand these little problems,

thanks very much for your advice so far, i have tried to explain things the best i can but i am no mechanic ha ha :pc

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Re: hi, cant find fusebox (dummy)

Postby morganjake1544 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:56 pm

plus my front and rear side lights on the drivers side

Follow link to manual and see pages 47 and 48, it's fuse number '7A'. http://ray-lee.co.uk/megane/dialogys/MR364MEGANE8.pdf

i get a rumble/vibrate it does not happen all the time

Does sound like the top engine mount which is about £35 and a 20 minute job. It's a common thing and not as scary as it sounds.

It would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the manuals in the 'Problems' section of the forum.http://www.meganeownersclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12790

Hope that helps.

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Re: hi, cant find fusebox (dummy) UPDATE

Postby dazbex » Sat Dec 29, 2012 4:28 pm


i ended up buying a haynes manual from halfords,(eeek £20.99) after taking the lid off the fuse box under the bonnet you have to disconnect a few connections, then tug on the fuse board and pull it to the left and up and out, turn it over and hey presto there are the fuses, i checked each one, it turned out it was the end fuse which was 7.5 red fuse, replaced with new and all seems fine now.
it is a very very fiddlys job, limited space to work. (i am no mechanic but will try anything myself)

thanks for the advice....

renault electrics are a pain to work on, and there designs are NAFF!!!!

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Re: hi, cant find fusebox (dummy)

Postby Remus » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:33 am

I just had to access the fuse bank under the bonnet. I thought changing light bulbs on Meganes were hard but hard pales into insignificance when accessing the under bonnet fuses. What clown designed that system ? Me oh my in all my life of working on trucks and cars I have never ever had this much difficulty in getting to a fuse which by the way wasn't even blown. I can picture a Renault board room meeting and all the board having a chuckle about back yard mechanic Joe trying to replace a fuse. What next? Wheel nuts on the inside of wheels? Or maybe the bonnet catch in the boot. Fark!! 2 hrs of my day wasted.

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Re: hi, cant find fusebox (dummy)

Postby scooper1000 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:31 pm

Yep that's the French sense of humour. Design of the Megane is a classic.....cannot wait to see what they come up with after Brexit :D

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