Coil Spring Advice Needed!!

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Coil Spring Advice Needed!!

Postby andog » Fri May 31, 2013 12:16 pm

Hi all.

Basically on its way to a local garage my car's OSF coil spring snapped and also went through the OSF tyre in the process.

It's currently un-driveable in a friend of a friend's workshop 120miles away from where I live right now, and I could do with getting it sorted sooner rather than later. I'm now looking to buy a full set of Eibach Pro springs as the Cooksport springs are all currently out of stock.

I was hoping someone could help me with any of the following:

1) How long does it roughly take to fit a set of four springs onto a Megane 225?

2) How much should it roughly cost with parts provided? (I think I'm being quoted too much in £195 +VAT)

3) Are Eibach springs worth buying a full set for £189 or should I just get two front standard ones?

4) Do these standard springs look about right for my car? 2004 Mk2 225.

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Coil Spring Advice Needed!!

Postby chewbacker » Sun Jun 02, 2013 3:04 pm

Front springs are a pig to do as you need to remove the strut which involves removing other parts as there is not much room on the meganes. The rear are very simple and should be do able by anyone with a socket set. Should be no more then a mornings work for a proper garage but all depends on the hourly rate they charge

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