Earting strap/starter motor issues.

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Earting strap/starter motor issues.

Postby paulsport225 » Wed Jan 05, 2022 11:45 pm

I have a 2005 black Megane sport 225. Electrically over the 5 years I have owned the car I have had no issues whatso ever. However recently I have noticed a few glitches appearing. First one when car engine is switched off overnight on startup the trips for fuel and millage have all reset to zero, only the actual overall millage stays saved. Once moving these trips start to work fine. second the low beam headlights have started to go off, not very often and when going over a bump in the road. Now I am having big issues with starting the car as it takes two or three presses of the button to start the car and plenty of relays going of. Before I change the starter motor which is a pain to do I would like to find out if this may be just a bad earth. PS the battery is fine and as been checked. So if anybody could please help and maybe confirm that the main earthing strap on the Megane is under the battery tray and attached to the gearbox I would be most gratefully. PPS If anybody also knows if its worth tackling the starter motor or leaving it to the experts then please advise. I have done many jobs myself on the Megane including swivel hubs ect but age is starting to creep in now.

Best wishes to all the Megane 225 owners and lets try and do our best to keep these cars on the road.

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