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Valet products

Postby AlexB » Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:25 pm

Sonax products seem to be decent.

Tested perfect:

Profiline Nano polish - cuts quick and gives the shiny surface; contains no wax, needs a sealer after. The quality of the surface is the smoothest to Audi standards. Worth the price.

Profiline Polymer Netshield - wet look sealer, not a wax, lasts 6 months, easy to apply, the best shine and water repelling among all. Worth the price.

Extreme wheel cleaner - spray, wait until gets purple, rinse. I usually use a brush as well - excellent results.

Summer screenwash Extreme Clear view Nano Pro - conditions the wipers and slightly repels water without smearing. Worth the price.

Profiline glass polish - removes the microscopic scratches and wiper blade traces

SONAX Xtreme Glass cleaner Nano Pro - cleans glass and makes it slightly water repellent without greasiness of RainX. Excellent function, but not sure if worth the high price.

Yet to test:

Profiline Nano Paint Protect - perhaps the same as Netshield.

Winter screenwash.

Paint cleaner - to use before Netshield when polishing is not needed.

Engine Cold Cleaner
Engine Lacquer - for the obsessed...
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