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Thinking of buying 1.9 DCi

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:56 pm
by Ramie
Hi, I've seen a 07 for sale, just 50k fsh one owner from new. Should this be a fairly reliable car, considering the mileage and history. I need good fuel economy as I live 30 mins from anywhere up a mountain in Spain a lot of the time.

Re: Thinking of buying 1.9 DCi

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:16 am
by Stranger
If it has a full service history it may be OK, a good test drive is a must.

I'd try and get newer though, at 10 years old, regardless of low mileage, there's going to be things wrong or soon to go wrong.

Re: Thinking of buying 1.9 DCi

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:35 am
by Ramie

This is the one I'm thinking about. Need lhd

Re: Thinking of buying 1.9 DCi

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:03 pm
by Stranger
Looks nice enough but can't you find one in Spain to save on shipping and any duty payable?

If you're experienced then great. If not, take a mechanic with you or at least someone who knows their way around cars.

MUST have full service history, preferably with interim oil changes too as the service schedule was too far apart.
MUST have all recall work done (check documentation)
Check all electrics work (search site)
Check all known areas for water ingress (search site)
Ensure the hatch is in place in the (passenger I think) wheel arch to ensure water doesn't get in to the electrics.
Check turbo (search site)

Check, check, check.

Good luck :-)