Megane CC advice please?

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Megane CC advice please?

Postby Rubyoptics » Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:16 am

Greetings from sunny Poland! ! Please let me start by saying thank you for all the fantastic advice that is contained in this forum, my list of things to check has grown considerably from reading all the Q&A here! I do however have a couple of questions specific to the CC which I am hoping someone may have the answers to.
I have been looking at and researching several different cabriolets and for all the others it is common advice to check and clear the roof gutters to minimize leakage, however I have downloaded the owners manual and searched online and can see no mention of this for the megane. Does the CC have roof gutters that need cleaning? If so where are they located and is there anything to look for (any plug or rubber flap that should be present? )
As a more general question, I would want to do at least some basic maintenance such as oil changes myself, how easy (or not as the case may be! )are the engines to work on? If you are an owner of a particular engine, what do you like and dislike about it and would you recommend it?

Thank you so much for your time and any help or advice you can offer me!


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