Another first try

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Another first try

Postby roadman » Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:38 am

hi , currently looking at the Megane selection of cars and they have my current interest. Currently driving a Z4 but a bit bored of it and looking for something different.

Liking the RS Meganes and found this one: ... re-5856327

main questions are :

Am I looking in the right area for Meganes?
Were front fog lights an option (many pics of cars have then) not sure if thats an update on model years
Cant find another picutre of megane with similar seats, is there a reason for this
Also the small RS logo on the front doesnt seem to be there, any normal reason

thanks for the help

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Re: Another first try

Postby AlexB » Sat Jul 09, 2016 11:37 pm

Hi and welcome!

Have you tried driving one? After a naturally aspirated straight 6, this one may feel not particularly quick and excessively stable at first. Only later, with ESP off on a twisty road and while keeping it in boost it starts shining. I mean, the computer will tell you to accelerate to 60 in the second (if the engine is hot enough)...

The car in the photos looks nice. It's not Cup, so check if it has the sports suspension, lim slip diff and RS Monitor (boost, oil temperature, brakes pressure, 0-60 and lap timers, accelerator pedal programming, etc.) as an option. LSD is a must, because it's a FWD, where you cure oversteer with throttle through LSD. Ignore those who say that Cup is too stiff - in long journeys around Europe it's fine. I bought mine significantly cheaper, with half mileage, Cup trim.

They are reversibly remappable to about 300bhp with Bluefin device.
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