Should I buy this 2004 Megane RS225?!

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Should I buy this 2004 Megane RS225?!

Postby Ciska » Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:16 am

Hi guys,
I am from New Zealand. I have the chance to buy a 2004 Megane Manual Turbo RS225 for a good price.
It has some electronic faults. I want to make sure I won't be in for any big surprised of having to replace any computers etc! A good friend is an auto electrician so I will be lucky to have help with fixing it :)

Please have a read through what the owner has said and comment if you have any advice or idea on how big these issues may become??

"Right now, the dash lights remain on & the auto-electrician is slowly going through the bits & pieces. The sunroof does not shut & again the auto-electrician will get to it when time allows. The wipers also stopped working but the auto-electrician (and Renault) reckons it’s all related to the main body control module (some electrics work, some don’t). It still drives & I’ve had no problems driving it though of course with the sunroof open, it can only be driven on a nice day. I’ve had to buy a new battery for it in the last month or so & the tyres are relatively newish with very little wear on them. Renault (Shorters in Greenland) had quoted me something like $4k to repair but I am not too keen on them – a bunch of sharks – hence my taking it the current auto-electrician who apparently specialise in European cars. I’ve had the Megane since new in 2004"

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Re: Should I buy this 2004 Megane RS225?!

Postby barman58 » Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:26 am

Renault have always had a problem with the electrics on their cars, It's something that you have to put up with to enjoy the things that they do get right Which is quite a lot :wink:

I have had several issues with mine (recently acquired), and the main one being the tailgate lock not working due to a BCM fault. (this was fixed by the seller ), but although it took a fair bit of work to access it it was not a difficult job. I replaced the fuel cap lock myself yesterday in about 30 Mins. So the electrical items are the let-down.

Not sure what the situation for Renault vehicles is like where you are, but here in the UK, spares, (new and second hand), are quite easily to obtain, especially the regular failing electrical items

As for your Sunroof issue you should find a manual override by removing the front interior light, You should find a handle in the spare wheel area in the boot floor, but if it's no longer there you should be able to use a standard Allen Key (wrench) 4mm I think :?: and I'd advise using some form of rachet based toll to make all the turning easier

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Re: Should I buy this 2004 Megane RS225?!

Postby Ciska » Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:14 am

Thanks so much Barman58! :rock

The manual override will work a treat, It's a 3 hour trip from where the car is to where I live.. And with it coming up to winter it would be handy to not a massive hole above my head.

Spares/second hand parts on this side of the world are rare and expensive.. But Ebay is my friend. Also European techs like to charge massive prices.. But this is the price you pay!

Thanks for your advice..

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