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Postby dci120matt » Wed Sep 12, 2007 9:43 pm

i have just got a quote from a place called rapid remap, they are a mobile service and they want 345 quid to come to me and 245 if i meet them, the bloke said i should get between 155-160 bhp but most other places i have spoken too want at least 400 quid and that is only to take it up too 145bhp, my question is, is 160bhp possible without losing too much fuel consumption and is it safe? cheers

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Postby Ray » Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:19 pm

it's really not about how much you're paying. It does partially depend on how much you trust a guy with your cars ECU.

I knew 2 ppl that could remap cars (they did a Punto for a friend) but it's usually one or two companies that actually make the new map for your car and all the associated stuff (wiring/piggyback technique/etc) to map it.

The 2 guys I knew had exactly the same gear... just a different price to sell to their end users (350 and 275 i think).

The cost you're paying for is the "R&D" behind making the map and the time it takes for a guy to do the remap.

The "other" places you've been quoted at say 145bhp as that's what they've been told it can do. This won't factor in any changes you've made such as a free-flow exhaust or better air intake.

Personally, on a standard car with only a remap.. i'd have expected an increase of 25-30bhp.

If it helps, Superchips state this from the website:
Renault Megane dCi
2002 onwards
Engine type : Turbo-Diesel
Engine size : 1870 cm3
Cylinders : 4

Original bhp : 120
Original nm : 300
BHP increase : 28 (bringing it to 148)
NM gain : 56
Lb/Ft gain : 41

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Postby R55VYS » Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:42 am

RS Tuning in leeds is the best place for the job, looking at £400, think he has one of the best dynos in the country, £50 run on that, and if you try and put to much bhp thru it, it will eat clutchs for breakfast.

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Postby denty999 » Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:23 am

once again RS tuning in leeds very good and if u not satisfied they will take of the map and not charge u. Also haggle on price as they do come down on it. I had a remap on a old 225 and its was worth every penny :D

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