Multimedia replacement project

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Multimedia replacement project

Postby opcex » Wed Jul 29, 2020 5:02 pm

Hello all,
I have a Megane II sedan from 2004 with the Cabasse carminat gps system with the 6 cd changer on the front


The radio itself and the GPS cd box are in the trunk. I want to remove the system and install something more modern while trying to keek as muck as possible from the original looks (more on that later).
From what I read on line the radio connections (BLACK) have all the info I´ll need but i want to know if i need to keep the cd box in the back to be able to use the controls in the stering wheel or not?
Im still developing the plan but before i start pulling cables and guessing what goes where i want to gather the most ammount of information i can. With that said is there anyone capable of explaining me what are the cables connected to the red terminal on the radio?


and on the gps? where are these connections go and do?
the one on the back


and the one on the front

Cd changer in the front

Screen connections

So if anyone is an expert on old meganes I whould really apreciate the help.

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