Replacing door speakers, is there a crossover?

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Replacing door speakers, is there a crossover?

Postby JamesS » Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:14 pm

Hi all,
I'm researching a new audio upgrade and have a have a few unsure areas still so maybe you can help me out. I have a Megane II 2003 with stock tuner list radio.
I'm doing this as simply as possible so just looking at 2 full range coaxial main front door speaker replacements. I can't quite tell if there's a frequency crossover splitting the audio between main door speakers and dash tweeters. Ive disconnected the tweeters today and as far as i can tell the main door speakers are getting the full spectrum but they're so bad that the high end simply isnt there to much of a degree which makes me worry that there may be a quite high freq crossover at play instead, in which case my plan wouldn't work so well--or maybe that works better in tandem with the dash twtters?
If the doors have no crossover applied to them then would the normal thing to do be to disconnect the dash tweeters to stop from doubling up on the high end? I don't want to start messing with custom crossovers or amps.
Does anyone know where i can get suitable tweeter upgrades seperately? There seem to be lots of full range speakers about and more expensive component sets but not so many correct sized (2.25inch) tweeters about.


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Re: Replacing door speakers, is there a crossover?

Postby renaultnewbe » Tue Oct 15, 2019 1:38 pm

If youve got coaxels (tweeter built in to speaker) then you dont need crossovers the original speakers useauly has the crossover built into them (the little resisters on the connections) :cool:
if youve got componant speakers where the tweeter is seperate then the crossover is supplied in the front you need 135cm/5"1/4 ive not checked the rear yet as im going to be doing a full audio upgrade and will post a video when done but will be in parts for each section

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