Gearbox oil Capacities

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Gearbox oil Capacities

Postby Ray » Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:01 pm

Gearbox oil Capacities for the :

JH3 Gearbox fitted to 1.4 (K4J) & 1.6 (K4M) petrol = 2.8 litres

JR5 Gearbox fitted to 1.5DCi (K9K) = 2.5 Litres

ND0 Gearbox fitted to 1.9DCi (F9Q) & 2.0 (F4R) Petrol = 2.1 Litres

In all gearbox types above the oil is filled through the filler plug that is located on the FRONT of the gearbox casing. The oil is poured in until it overflows from the filler hole..
Do not fill through the Breather pipe located on top of the gearbox casing..

The Gearbox drain plug is located under the Differential on the bottom of the gearbox.

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