Guide to cleaning the EGR valve on a 1.9 megane

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Guide to cleaning the EGR valve on a 1.9 megane

Postby Boomstyliemikey » Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:28 pm

I wanted to clean my EGR Valve on a megane but its completely different to the guide thats on here. Took some photos whilst doing it so hopefully it will be able to help someone out.

Below are the tools I used to do this. Cant recommend enough getting some gloves. First time I done this I didnt wear any and my hands were messed up for days. No amount of washing got the stuff off

Firstly remove the engine cover this should just pull off.

Below is a picture of the EGR Valve

Then unscrew 8 bolts. (Only 7 are circled as there is one under the top right hand one I couldnt get a photo of)

Unclip the fastening holding the pipe in place and pull the pipe apart

It should look something like this when done

Next unclip the clip on the side of the EGR valve. Should be done by pressing it in and pulling down

Now you should be able to remove the EGR valve by pulling it to the right and down abit like in the photo below

Now all you need to do is clean it and put it back in. Remember that it has electric in it so just use a damp cloth and a little water.

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Re: Guide to cleaning the EGR valve on a 1.9 megane

Postby davelowe » Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:30 pm

Nice work! One suggestion, solvents can be used to clean the valve, but as you suggested, make damned sure the electronics don't touch a drop.
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