How to:- Change Headlight Bulb

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How to:- Change Headlight Bulb

Postby gav1pam » Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:36 pm

Ok, i've been putting off replacing my bulb for a week now because of the pain it supposed to be.
I finaly got round to doing it, and it was so easy...5 minute job.
In the process i took a few photos, thought i'd write some instructions on how to do it,
here goes...

Step 1.
Remove cover from inside of the wheel arch.

Step 2.
Twist cap off the back of the light cluster to gain access to bulb.

Although you cant see it, it now looks like this...

Step 3.
Pull the plug connector off the terminals on the bulb (you can see it in the previous pic, the thing with the wire going to it)

Step 4. (the tricky part)
Sorry for the poor quality photo, if you can see there is a metal clip that goes around holding the light in place, i dont know if there is a propper way to clip it off but i found squeezing the top it pivoted down, letting the bulb loose.

Step 5.
Replace with ne bulb
Start form step 4 and work backwards!

sorry if the pics are poor, let me know if anyone has any better explanations and ill edit my post

Gav :rock

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Re: How to:- Change Headlight Bulb

Postby Paddy » Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:21 pm

Nice post but i still think its quicker to take the front bumper off.

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