No turn over!!!

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No turn over!!!

Postby ben1950 » Thu Jan 21, 2021 2:11 pm

My 2008 1.5Dci Dynamique, 91000 miles decided it would not start. Ergo: Unlocks doors no probs, put card in depress clutch push start...steering unlocks then zip except cooling fan kicks in and immobilizer light stays on flashing slowly. Had fault 'Flat battery' , except it wasn't but charged it up anyway, then told to select neutral, which is where it was.
Called out RAC, guy said he didn't know (after 40 mins) having stripped out most of the bits around the battery and some of the loom insulation.
I used to be in the trade, am not an idiot and have checked ECU conns, earth straps, just about every connection I can find including the engine compartment fuse unit and passenger compartment fuse unit. Popped a live to the solenoid so know starter is ok ...thought it may be solenoid cap..
Only reason I have this car is my wife is disabled and the doors open wide for me to lift her in. Not of great importance at the minute as locked down but will need to either fix it or scrap it sooner rather than later....Any sensible ideas gratefully taken on board....Thanks Guys.

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