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Postby ThePhreshman » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:10 pm

So I got a Megane2 CC at the weekend and love it, I did a swap with someone on a website for my crappy Focus.... But...

He managed to mask many problems that day by day are coming to light, I wondering if its worth the effort!

Major problems like oil in the water (but not in the oil) which I believe to be something to do with the thermostat.... Oil seems to be coming from the first spark plug on the left... Which is probably why it feels as flat as a fart for a 1.6

Then theres niggly problems such as the hand brake won't lock on when you lift it, the cigarette lighter is dead, the fans don't work on number 4 and the rear windows are dead...

I can do some jobs such as the windows and the fans, but the engine faults are giving me real anxiety

Wouldn't mind but he took it for MOT last week and it Passes.... Which no handbrake and a front tyre that's obviously been running on flat as its cracked around the wall!!!

I did the best checks I could but it was torrential rain and feel a pillock for not spotting its a lemon!

On the plus side the roof works fine......


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Re: Howdy....

Postby Stranger » Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:14 pm

Hello there and welcome along

All should be covered in questions / problems section - simply do a search (top right) and limit it to that section and good luck :tu

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