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Megane Eletcrical Idiosyncrasies

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 7:49 pm
by paulharrison1874
So, here I am. The owner of a Renault Megane Big Bum. I will say that the car drives well, good fuel economy but, I guess, as everyone on here knows, prone, in its idiosyncratic Renault way, to fits of electrical pique.

Current issues...

Driver's window hadn't opened for about a year. A cursory glance by one garage showed that wires had been cut, bypassed, and extra relay added and some soldering! That's why it didn't open. Have managed to find the correct cable harness which is in situ. The winder mechanism motor might have worked but the connection to it was broken. So, 'new' motor and winder mechanism later... Fitted. When it was all connected, the previously working mirror controls had stopped, as had the cruise control, and I have never had lights in the window controls. Also, the central console heater lights haven;t worked for a while...

Long story short - am awaiting a replacement window switch, and on Saturday out will go the battery, and otehr things, to change that little 7.5A fuse which seemingly controls it all. Then there is the aircon. No power to the compressor.... Another fuse maybe!

Big Bums - don't you just love 'em!

Anyway - I guess I'll be here quite frequently...

Re: Megane Eletcrical Idiosyncrasies

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 7:30 pm
by Stranger
Hello Paul and welcome along :tu

Re: Megane Eletcrical Idiosyncrasies

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 9:34 pm
by FaceVendetta
hi did you sort out your a/c ?
looks like a pipe that goes around the front / side of the a/c rad had been rubbing on the rad and made a few holes so take front grill/bumper off to see if yours the same as mine.
i may try removing mine to get it repaired if not scrap yard will be next for a replacement . as this heat we having is not very nice in a dark grey/black car :no