Sanibonani! Dumelang! Hello! from S. Africa

Introduce yourself and let us know a bit about you and your car

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Sanibonani! Dumelang! Hello! from S. Africa

Postby scenitAll » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:02 am

Greetings to all Renault owners and enthusiasts.

I hail from the land of Zulu..ironic driving a French car :-D..we're told to stay away from such! Well, we love them anyway, multiplexed as they are haha.

I have a 2003 model Scenic 2 with a K4M714 1.6 16v (new engine from scrappy) not sure what trim it is but I think she's from the 1st phase..anywho a little history on this baby:

Picked her up this year with a ton of problems that gave the owner high blood pressure and wanted to get rid her, well I'm not one who is intimidated by a foreign brand (this is my 1st Renault), I took the car for almost nothing, and when I started her up I got the same....okay nothing major, battery flat. When she got enough power to start, she sputtered and choked and felt like she was running out of air (she was, I'll explain later).

Upon trying to move out of the yard, I thought the engine had fallen to the ground! My goodness, what did they do to you!? She'd jack occasionally and run out of breath whenever I stopped. After sputtering and leaving some clouds of black smoke for those behind me , I reach the gas station and juiced her up, carwash was nearby so took her in (the interior looked like it was a bush mechanics toolbox and old parts storage, you get the picture).

Okay I just realized I'm starting to write a whole biography, long story short (grab a coffee), these were / are the problems found :

The engine felt like it was going to drop because the gearbox mounting isn't tightened, I say isn't because it still is hanging due to the threads requiring some inserts. The front struts/shocks were completely shot! No stabilizer links were on..all sorted now, quite expensive from the agents! R2800 each that's £150 (is that what they cost that side?)

She sputtered and smoked because the timing was off, had that set and after that wouldn't start put on a diagnostic and got 4 faults, fuel pump relay, purge valve, upstream and downstream oxygen sensors. Out of the 4 only two were urgent so I was told the fuel pump relay is intergrated into the fusebox which is a small fortune, so I took it out and found one connector was wet, poured in some brake fluid and at exactly 11:06pm my french lady started ;-( , idled and sounded healthy, she didn't gasp for air because I changed the purge valve, I revved her up and she responded immediately, (happy days).

So this is after I had the interior completely stripped and washed (by myself) I put everything back and sorted the bits and pieces of the interior that were loose and broken, (window regulators, 1 RL door lock, boot lock (sorting today) ,the headlights are prone to the cracking wire insulation due to the heat inside the headlight and caused a short, stripped it and re-insulated them, works fine now except for the park lamp on the said headlight (RH), bulbs fine though..

I've come a long way with this baby, few months but it feels like ages, she'd be done by now but financials are in turmoil, anyway I was lucky to get a 60% complete Scenic 2 for just £80, its missing the gearbox, front left stub axle, some auxiliary components, wheels, engine is there but needs to be sent to engineering for tests and whatnot because its been standing (rain and sunshine) for too long, car has papers, keycard! (Thank goodness) and the ecu. I'm planning on getting an import engine from up there in the UK, they quoted me £670, they're usually low mileage, to avoid having to fix this one up. Car was driving but had the same symptoms as my 1st, parked off (unsecured area) and thieves helped themselves to all what's missing. Anyway! That'll have its own post.

Currently I'm faced with a sparking/arcing issue on the terminals, when I insert them I get a spark, quite loud n visible enough to make you think somethings definitely wrong, I've searched the forums on that but can't find anything related..I'll post about, admin you'll guide me if there is one. The car doesn't drain the battery though..left for 3 days and started first try (she always does :-*).

If you've managed to read this far, then you must be really patient and I thank you for taking your precious time to 'listen' to me blab about my Scenic, I'm just passionate about cars and love fixing/restoring them. I just want to share what I've learned from my experiences and get more knowledge from my fellow Renault owners.

See you in the forums!


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Re: Sanibonani! Dumelang! Hello! from S. Africa

Postby Stranger » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:42 am

Hello there and welcome along :tu

That's probably the longest introductory post I've ever seen although it was a good read and you really have sorted a lot of issues , well done you :-)

Good luck with the sparking issue, off the top of my head I can't think of any relevant posts however, there's that many you're best going to the problems / questions forum and using the search function within that forum with relevant words.

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Currently Drives:: 2003 Scenic 2
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Re: Sanibonani! Dumelang! Hello! from S. Africa

Postby scenitAll » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:56 am

Hi There Stranger

Haha I guess I'm going into the record books hey..Thanks for the welcome. I'll keep searching for that sparking issue topic.


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