How Do I Transform My Old Megane?


The Renault Megane is a reliable family car that’s been in the car market since 1995, which means there are more than likely quite a few people out there with an old Megane. Just because it’s old, though, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value – with a little sprucing up and fixing, it will give you that smooth-wheel experience one more. 


Deep Clean

The best way to start your car modification process is to give your Megane a deep clean. So, shampoo the carpet, pull out the cushions, and jet wash the outside for a completely refreshed look. Don’t forget all the bits in between! Once your car is sparkling, take it for a wax for the ultimate protection and shine. 


Head to a Mechanic 

A mechanic will be able to identify and fix the parts of the car you cannot, so make sure you head to one in the process of transforming your Megane. Going to a mechanic is an essential part of owning an older car, but it is also costly, so consider loan options when figuring out how to finance the visit. 


Purchase New Wheels

Over the years, your Megane’s wheels have likely worn down. Purchasing and fitting new wheels will completely transform how the car feels on the road, giving you that same smooth feeling you get when you buy a new vehicle. The Megane wheels come in a large variety, so you are sure to find some that match your personal taste. 


Change the Headlights 

In recent years, the material used for headlights has upgraded, so by getting them replaced, you’ll notice a huge improvement. Not only will new headlights look better on the car, but they’ll also improve your vision when you’re driving in the dark. 


Test the Alarm

The alarm is an important part of a car, as it prevents burglars from getting in and alerts you when something has touched your vehicle. For this reason, it’s important to check your alarm to ensure it’s working efficiently.


Replace the Air Con 

Many people forget to check on the air con when cleaning up their car, but it is an important step. If it’s old, then there will be plenty of better options out there, and replacing it costs far less than purchasing a whole new car! 


Over time, air-cons build up mould and mildew, causing health problems and a nasty odour, so replacing it will help your health as well as your ability to cool down on a hot day. If you do use your air-con often, have a look at The Telegraph to see how to use it effectively in heatwaves.



A paint job will make an enormous difference in the overall appearance of the car. While minor scratches and scrapes might not be too noticeable on their own, over time, after a few have built up, they can really affect how the car looks. 


When repainting a car, you can choose to either do it yourself or go to a car paint shop. The latter is more expensive but won’t require much effort. If you are determined to do it yourself, then do your research, so your Megane looks as fresh as possible. 


Lots of little changes can make a big difference, and with enough work, you can get an old Renault Megane looking brand new in no time at all.