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Fuel economy - 1.5dCi

Postby SirSerf » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:29 am

Why don't I get the high mpg claimed by Renault for my 1.5dCi 110 bhp Mégane! One of the driving factors in my choice of my 2013 1.5dCi was the great fuel economy figures cited of 68-80 mpg. However I'm not seeing near this in my driving. On a motorway run, which is most of my driving I get 53-55 mpg, around town at best it's 50 mpg. Not bad in comparison to some cars but still not near the manufacturers claims from new.
I would like to know what the more experienced Mégane owners on this forum would recommend to get my mpg higher!

One of the first things I went about checking was tyre pressure. I had read in the past that under inflated tyres create more drag with the road which is paid for in higher fuel consumption. From what I read even a couple of PSI on the low side could make a noticeable difference so relying on a service station air pressure gauge might not give me the accuracy I needed. From experience of garages in my neck of the woods I have seldom found a good clear gauge on those hand held air pressure lines that can be easily read. I decided I needed a reasonably accurate easy to read gauge of my own. After a bit of research on-line I settled on this TireTek model. This gauge is is calibrated to ± 1 psi at 30 psi.

https://tire-tek.com/collections/all-pr ... cle-60-psi

The good thing I found with this gauge is the hold feature that lets you remove it from the tyre valve and the dial stays at the pressure until you release it with the button.


Visually checking if your tyres need inflating is hopelessly inaccurate and really the only way of knowing your tyre is correctly inflated is to stick a pressure gauge on it. This was my first shock! The car is a recent purchase and was serviced and checked before I picked up. The tyres looked fine to the eye but when I checked them with the gauge they were between 6-8 psi lower than recommended!


So I went to my local garage (with new gauge in boot!) and inflated my tyres to 35 psi front and 33 psi rear. I haven't any long runs yet to see any difference in mpg but will update!
In the meantime I'd would be interested in hearing what else I could do to improve mpg?

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